I have had Italy on my mind for most of the day.  We had the good fortune to go to Todi, Italy last September.  Todi is about 60 miles west of where the epicenter of the earthquake hit.  I’m sure that they felt it in Todi.  

Italy is a beautiful country filled with wonderful people who seem to put making a life above making a living.  Life is about enjoying the people around you, savoring incredible food and relaxing with a glass (or 2 or 3) of wine.  I know we did all of those things on our trip, and I’m grateful to the friends who invited us, the new friends we made and the people of Italy who made us feel welcome. 

My thoughts are with the people of Italy. I hope they can soon recover and get back to enjoying those things that make Italy so special.

The photo below is the sunset we enjoyed at our villa in Todi.

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