A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

You may be wondering why this so-called “blog” doesn’t have any actual “blogging” going on in the form of words.

I love to write, and believe me if I had enough confidence to write something that I think people would actually read, I’d do it.  But I’m hoping my pictures will say it all, and maybe a particular quote that I choose to go along with my photography will brighten someone’s day.

In this virtual world of the Internet, social media and blogs, there are plenty of people clamoring to have their voices heard.  And in a contentious presidential election year, it’s even more crowded (and not in a good way). I think we need more peace and less turmoil (which I suppose is a political view in and of itself), so I’ll let my photography do the talking.

If I feel that I can write something that may add value to someone’s day, I might consider it.  But for now, just enjoy the view.

Sunset in Umbria, Italy

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